Light Engineering Workshop to Benefit Rural Students


Students in this rural area will soon benefit from vocational education and training in this new purpose built light engineering training centre. This facility will improve the employment prospects of the residents at this site giving them sustainable incomes to support themselves and their families in the future.

Ahead of the launch of the project, more than 80 students have signed up for training. Half of these are from the local village community, illustrating the demand for this sort of learning in rural Myanmar.

With the new Mingalar Parahita manager keen to develop vocational education and training for this site we kicked off the construction of a light engineering training centre in November 2019. The building was completed to our usual high standards in January 2020! The local team is now eagerly awaiting equipment in the form of lathes, drills, welding kits, and the like, so that training can commence.

We have been involved with Mingalar Parihita since 2006 starting with a dormitory building. We have since completed projects in water supply, horticulture, sanitation, shelter and security.