Kani Boys’ Orphanage – Vocational training

Kani, Irrawaddy Delta, Myanmar  2010-current

Vocational training – mechanical workshop; computer centre;  Infrastructure – electricity transformer and cabling

At Kani, south of Yangon, we funded the construction of a mechanical workshop, complete with a metal-working lathe, drills and other equipment. We also funded vocational education so the resident boys, and those from the local village, could learn to fix machinery.

The workshop has become an important source of mechanical support for the farmers and businesses in the surrounding agricultural community, securing income for the orphanage.

We also established a computer training facility, providing hardware and software to allow all the resident boys to receive training in this area.

This part of Myanmar suffers from poor and inconsistent electricity supply.  To ensure that our vocational training initiatives operate smoothly, we have worked closely with the local community to install a large transformer, which now provides power to both the orphanage and the large school in the nearby village.