Metta Geha

Kanpetlet town, Chin State    2014-current

Horticulture, medical program, tertiary education, library, infrastructure

This orphanage, home to more than 50 children, is in the remote hillside village of Kanpetlet, a long six hour drive from Bagan. We have a number of initiatives underway here, in line with our Building Blocks of Hope approach.

Our horticulture projects have improved the nutrition and health of the children. Fresh fruit and vegetables are grown for the orphanage kitchen. Chickens and ducks are raised for eggs and meat for the kitchen, as well as for sale in the local market.

Our medical team visits to assess the health and immunisation status of each of the children.

Our new kitchen, dining and store rooms look great, and are being used every day. The staff clearly love this building, and no wonder, given the dilapidated state of the huts it has replaced. The weather-proof storage facilities will store the 400 bags of rice needed to see them through the wet season. The new facility was funded by our donors and built by local tradesmen.

Our tertiary education scholarships benefit resident children who pass matriculation and go on to tertiary studies. The fund covers travel, food and living expenses for three or four students for three years. The education itself is funded by the government.

Our library project has had a big impact.  With specific support from St. Dominic’s School in Perth, Western Australia, we bought nearly 700 books of varying styles and catering for different age groups. The children leapt upon the books! A poignant reminder of the value of books to those who rarely have access to them.