Aye Yeik Mon Girls’ Orphanage

Aung Myae Thar Zan Township, Mandalay, Myanmar 2004-2005; 2016

Tailoring workshop

Back in 2004 we saw a need to provide the more than 200 girls at this orphanage with a sense of purpose in life. Something to help them develop new skills and become more independent of the orphanage as they grew to adulthood. 

After consulting with the local team, we established a Tailoring Workshop with sewing machines, equipment and fabrics, and funded the salaries of qualified local teachers for two years.

Some 12 years on in 2016, we were excited to see our original Singer sewing machines going strong, with the resident girls still being trained.  Some of the girls have gone on to find employment in the garment industry. One girl opened her own tailoring shop in Mandalay, recruiting some of the other orphans to help in her business.