MBOA Boys’ Orphanage

Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay, Myanmar  2004-2005; 2016

Computer training

When we visited the  Myanmar Buddhist Orphanage Association in 2004 we saw a need to help the boys develop career-oriented skills.

With the orphanage team keen to increase vocational training for the boys, we instigated a computer training project. We added a new computer room to the existing training facilities, supplied computer hardware and software, provided teaching aids, scholarships and established an Education Endowment Fund.  

During our review visit in 2016 we met the manager of the computer centre, who was one of the first  boys to undergo training in our project. Every boy now participates in computer training. Several have graduated with diplomas in IT from local colleges, and some have secured good jobs in computing, either in Myanmar or overseas.  One boy is now a member of a team of IT professionals in a multinational pharmaceuticals corporation in Singapore, a very gratifying piece of evidence that our strategic investment has made a meaningful impact on the lives of the orphans.