Kani Boy’s Orphanage – Vocational training

Kani, Irrawaddy Delta, Myanmar  2010-current

Ten boys have made particularly good use of our vocational training, with three graduating as IT teachers, and seven securing tech jobs in the Mingaladon industrial area near the airport in Yangon.

To ensure a more stable power supply to our computer and light engineering workshops we invested in a substantial electrical transformer at this site. We are also extending the transformer cabling so that the power supply to the nearby village school is on a par with that to the orphanage.

We had a long and very positive discussion with the school headmistress about the relationship between the orphanage and the school/village, and it seems that our project work is acting as an important catalyst in bringing the two together. This has long been an important element of our project work – ensuring that, in supporting an impoverished orphanage or youth development centre, we do not (however inadvertently) create a situation, where the equally impoverished villagers do not feel that they have been further disadvantaged.